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Zacal Founder – Luke Stocks…

Zacal was founded in 2015 by Luke Stocks. The word ‘Zacal’ was created by Luke, which comes from the combined names of Luke’s Nephew Zachary & Niece Alexis, [ZAC][AL]

Luke has always had a passion for providing a great service to people and everything he does always has Customer Service at the forefront.

Luke was born in 1991 and from a young age it was clear to see Luke had a wise head on young shoulders.
Before Luke started his own business ‘full time’ in 2016 he worked jobs, at; McDonald’s and Aldi Supermarket. He always showed a dedication in all aspects of both jobs he undertook, gaining many important skills.

School Days:
Luke’s entrepreneurial mindset and passion for business started very early. When Luke started secondary school at just 12 years old he used to buy 1p sweets on his way to school and sold them to the ‘rich kids’ for 5p each. If it got to the afternoon and Luke still had some sweets left, the ‘rich kids’ would pay up to 10p each .. a whopping 9p profit!
Whenever it gets mentioned now Luke laughs about it. However it just show Luke’s eagerness to provide a good service a, from such a young age, it’s just in his blood.

After leaving school Luke went on to study Public Services (Police Service) at college and on his days off and spare time Luke worked in McDonald’s.

Although Luke was contracted to 8hrs a week, most days he worked 11 – 15 hr shifts, he just loved working – he’s crazy, right!?
Most days, Luke would work the ‘early shift’, he would start work at 5am which finished at 2pm, if Luke left the store before 6pm he was lucky.

Being a predominately young workforce most days Luke’s colleagues would come in to start their afternoon shift and couldn’t be bothered to work or wanted to go out socialising/drinking so Luke would always be asked if he wanted to stay and cover their shift and he agreed to 99% of the time.

While working here, Luke gained promotion at 17 years old to Crew Trainer but McDonald’s was always a ‘stepping stone’ in Luke’s career. A flexible job which fitted perfectly around Luke’s college days and hours.

Aldi Supermarket:
When Luke Finished college he was now able get a better paid, full time job. Luke went for an interview at Aldi Supermarket and got the job role of ‘Store Assistant’.

With Luke’s dedication and work ethic this job was a great match. Again, Luke started as he finished his previous job in McDonald’s, with working all the hours under the sun.

On average Luke was working 65 hours a week, some weeks as many as 90 hours a week.

After 6 months of working in his new job, Luke gained promotion to a supervisor role.

Again, Luke took everything in his stride and stepped up to this new challenge. 8 months after receiving his promotion to supervisor Luke was promoted to Assistant Store Manager, this was a decision made by the company’s Operations Director.

At the time of this promotion, Luke was just 20 years old. Being giving such a responsibility was something Luke was very proud of and still is, even to this day. Luke was in this role  for 18 months

After working at Aldi Supermarket for 4 years, Luke handed in his resignation to start a new challenge in his career. With Luke’s ambition and willpower to succeed, Luke had always dreamt of having his own business and being his ‘own boss’.
When Luke left Aldi Supermarket, he never had any other job lined up. Imagine looking at a blank piece of paper, that was Luke’s future…

Luke bought a Recruitment franchise but after 7 months Luke decided this wasn’t for him. It was at this time, Luke took the decision to focus on his Online Business … Full Time.

Online Business:
As well as working Full Time jobs and working many hours, Luke still found time to start his own business at 17 years old, but due to work commitments he could never put the time and effort into it. It was when Luke finished his Recruitment Franchise that he decided to spend 3 months working Full Time on his online business.

It was then that Luke could see how quickly his Online business was growing.

Luke loves hearing from customers and business owners alike. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Luke at: