Cat Collar Fitting

 How Do I Know If The Collars On My Cat Properly?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Of course you don’t want the collar on too tight so it’s almost strangling your beloved pet, but at the same time you don’t want the collar on too loose that it slides off.
As a general rule, when the collar is on your cat you should be able to get 2 fingers underneath the collar, some people say 3 fingers but it’s always advised to use your own discretion.
We have added a video below to make it easier for you to see and check the collar is on your pet correctly.

It’s important you check your cats collar frequently (daily) to make sure it hasn’t become too tight around your cats neck.

How Do I Get My Cat To Wear Their Collar?

Many cats will allow you to put the collar on them straight away, whether they keep it on is a different matter.
To most cats, the collar won’t bother them at all while other cats will try to pull the collar off (and occasionally it may be the bell that annoys your cat, rather than the collar itself and the bell be easily removed)

If you attempt to put a collar on your cat and they are hesitant or unsure, it’s important that you don’t force them!
Instead, allow them to sniff the collar, put it on the floor and let them check it out, they may pick it up or try playing with it, especially if it has a bell attached to it! (Ensure you supervise them whilst if they do decide to play with it and make sure try to chew the collar).
Try and make your cat as comfortable as possible, talk to your cat in a soft gentle voice to reassure them that the collar is OK. It may take a few attempts before you succeed but your cat will soon come round to the idea of wearing their collar.

** Don’t Forget It’s Important To Reward Positive Behaviour **

At What Age Should I Put a Collar On My Kitten?

It recommended that you should wait until your kitten is at least 5-6 months old before putting a collar on them. This gives them time to continue growing and filling their frame. After this time kittens do still continue growing but at a slower rate.

AVOID Elasticated Collars:
New research shows elasticated collars are not safe for your cat to wear and you should always use a collar with a Quick Release Buckle.